100% Natural Coconut Water 250ml (Pack of 3)

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100% Natural Coconut Water 250ml (Pack of 3)
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Amazing, great for after school

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Ideal for Kids lunch boxes or on the way home after school

Our Tropical Sun coconut water tastes as fresh and natural as drinking it straight out of the coconut itself - there's no added sugars or nasties, which makes it ideal for kids to dive into, whether for sports, on-the-way-home time or at the gym (instead of those processed protein drinks). Keep a couple of spares in the car for when you're thirsty.

We could go on and on (and on) about our coconut water for ages, but to cut a long story short, it’s 100% natural.

Yes that's right, it is 100% pure, has no fat, diddly squat gluten, zero cholesterol, no added sugar or sweeteners, zilch preservatives, no additives, is free from colourings and uses ABSOLUTELY no concentrates. This tantalizing drink tastes best chilled straight out of the fridge, so be sure to reach out for one of our cans or small tetra cartons for a quick hydrating drink on the go. Alternatively, kick back and relax with your nearest and dearest and spread the love with our refreshing larger sharing carton. It’s a win - win situation!


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Out to impress? Here’s some interesting facts to share with your mates and have them screaming out for some Tropical Sun Coconut Water

The hydrating properties of our coconut water are far more superior compared to most sports drink. Even better than water for hydration, our Coconut Water is the perfect alternative to a processed sports drink as it's naturally isotonic.

It's designed to replace the fluid and salts lost from the body during exercise and our coconut water actually helps the removal of water without electrolyte loss.

Research has shown that natural coconut water has a positive effect on cholesterol and may actively work to reduced levels. Coconut water has properties that lower blood pressure, as in the case of hypertension.

Drinking coconut water at least twice daily for two weeks has been proven to decrease diastolic blood pressure significantly.

Coconut water contains a high amount of potassium, at least 600 mg 330 ml can. A study published in the West Indian Medical Journal found that 71% of volunteers with high blood pressure saw improvements after drinking coconut water twice a day for 2 weeks.

Coconut water has low amounts of sodium and increased levels of vitamin C.

A glass of coconut water has about 230% of the recommended daily allowance.

Coconut water has been shown to protect against death of brain cells or neurons. The brain-protecting property it contains has been shown to work better than available hormonal replacement therapies for brain function.

Because coconut water is in perfect pH and electrolyte balance with human plasma it helps to alkalize your body and may sooth overly acidic stomachs.

It's a low GI food (around 34), so drink to your hearts content.

Amazing, great for after school

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